Date : 2023
Designing and animating digital dresses to work over a liveaction backplate

Initially, I worked on R&D for one of the dresses, this route was eventually cut from the final designs.

After this I worked on the live action outputs, working on optimising the designs, rig posing for stills, setting up the dresses for animated rigs and setting up renders/render passes to be passed onto a post production house. This work also included fixing renders and material issues on the fly, moving elements of the dress for better framing and providing general technical support to other artists on the project.

Final stills of the garments: these involved me rigging a human model, posing the rigged model to match the image model, deforming/resimming the dresses to the posed model, manually moving elements of the dresses to create better compositions and finally lighting and checking the match in comp for hand off.

Some of the R&D for the unused garment.

Work in progress reel from the project.

Full documentation at futuredeluxe.com/work/metaversedesignstory